A holistic system

DyreID has a unique position for identification and registration of pets. Combining microchipping and a new tracking device called IDyGO, with ePassport and diagnosis registry, DyreID is facilitating for contactless border control and a standard for pet identification all over Europe.

Redefining pet technology

Common European database

As of January 2018 DyreID runs and operates the common European database for identified pets, Europetnet, and its web portal. Currently, Europetnet has more than 80 million pets registered in the database. Europetnet is a member based organization with 26 European countries represented.

Europetnet logo

IDyGO - Fully integrated pet collar

DyreID has developed IDyGO, a patented GPS based tracking collar that follows and retrieves the pet. The device is linked to the pet's ID chip and health data from the veterinarian.

IDyGO 3d models

IDyGO tracking and iBeacon

IDyGO will let the users set up a geofence for the pet. An alarm will be triggered if the pet moves outside the boundaries. Further, the unit has an anti theft, defined by a proximity sensor. The smart pet collar reads the pet identity, has an integrated ibeacon technology that can transmit this ID. This means that any user with a smart phone, can pick up the signal through an app, and directly look up the owner and make contact if a pet is located.

IDyGO tracking and iBeacon

The pet ePassport

The pet ePassport changes completely the understanding of pet identification and border control. It is a digital passport as opposed to the printed paper passports of today. With ePassport we will have better verification and a central registry for lookup. All data about the pet and veterinarian will be authenticated, verified, trackable and securely stored.

Pet ePassport

Paperbased vs ePassport

Today the documentation requirements is based on manual routines. The veterinarian performs vaccination, signs and stamps the document. This is both uncertain and manipulative. With ePassport, the vaccination information is sent to a cloud and made accessible.

The old method of paper passport

Paper passport

The improvement using ePassport


Watch a video that explains the Pet ePassport

Border control

The IDyGO collar can also be used for border control. The pet’s identity is transmitted via the iBeacon. Manual or automatic border controls pick up the signal, and verifies the data with the ePassport system.

IDyGO contactless border control

Technology for the future

DyreID is proud to present an and end to end solution including the ePassport solution, integrated with advanced pet tracking. Fully operational, this system will provide pet owners with a unique tool for reunification and also facilitating for effective and safe border control and travel within Europe.


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